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“Scifies is a wonderful preview of an artist on the verge of greatness.”

– Belle Gaskin-Burr, Pop Culture Uncovered 

“Ramon Gil is a writer who treasures his craft.”

– Tom DeFalco, Writer/Editor

“It is an honest pleasure to find not only a science fiction title out there, but one produced by a writer who seems to understand that drama doesn’t have to be all dramatic, and humor doesn’t have to be all belly-laughs.”

– Robert Sodaro, The

“Clever, funny, a guy who’s willing to put his money where his mouth is…and I can totally see Captain Picard going to Katz’s Deli. I think Ramon Gil has quite a future ahead of him, and I’m looking forward to reading more of his work.”

– Mike Gold, Comic Mix

“If you’re a fan of good ol’ science-fiction then look no further than Ramon Gil’s SCIFIES GREATEST HITS. A fun read with clever comics covering anything from aliens to government conspiracies to superheroes, there’s a story for any science-fiction lover.”

– Heather Antos, Marvel Comics

“The Hard Code is an exciting sci-fi crime story with a well thought out and developed plot, which pulls you in from the first word balloon. The smart and tense banter between Detectives Drake and Garcia will have you checking in on their tumultuous relationship for issues to come. A refreshing take on the age-old man vs. machine.”

– Theresa Romano, The Mary Sue

“Just when you thought every good sci-fi story has already been written, Ramon Gil proves that wrong with his amazing series ‘Scifies’!”

– Matt Herring, Secret Identity Podcast

“I really enjoyed it…Great stuff! Chose it as one of my top three picks!”

– Jimmy Aquino, Comics News Insider

“Off to an energetic, dynamic start, THE HARD CODE might take place in  the future, but  its themes are all too here-and-now.”

– Adam Beechen, Transformers