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My Work

Aside from making my own books, I’ve done production work for publishers like Source Point Press, Atlas Unleashed, Pronto Comics, StoryArk, University of Southern California and others. I can help you with your comic project in the following areas:

Cover Art
My original training is in Illustration. I have a stark, high-contrast style just for covers.
The Professional(s)
The Hard Code
Scifies 2019

Coloring & Lettering
Almost all the work displayed on this site was lettered by me. And the more recent pieces I also colored. Here are some examples where I did both.
Batman: Last Knight in the City
Driving Mister Stewart
Phantom of the Subway

Layout & Title Design
After you have all your art pages done, you still need someone to put it all together, maybe even design the cover and title.
• Road Not Taken (Source Point Press)
Truer Than Trousdale (University of Southern California)
Scifies 2019 (Story Ark)

Kickstarter Videos
People would much rather watch something than read something. Every Kickstarter campaign that I’ve featured a video has been funded!
Road Not Traveled
Create Destroy Repeat
• Scifies 2018

If you would like any help with any of your comic projects, drop me an email.