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A growing list of clippings and reviews of my comic book work:

The Inquirer | March 2019

The InquirerAn article about how the 2020 Diversity Comic Con was more social than other virtual cons.

IncrediChat | May 2020

A fun conversation with Michael Grassia of Incredichat and Get in Toon!

Indy Comics Explained | May 2020

JD CalderonA great conversation with the great JD Calderon!

The Geekiary | March 2019

The GeekiaryQuite an honor to be mentioned in the company of these awesome creator!

The Beat | October 2019

The Beat LogoDiversity Comic Con at FIT makes room for everyone at the comics table

Cult Faction | October 2018

Cult Faction LogoCreators of Color Fight Back!

The Inquirer | September 2018

Inquirer LogoFil-Am writer sets up Diversity Comic Con for creators of color

More Love from First Comics News | July 2018

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Big thanks to Richard Vasseur for the kind words about Scifies!


New Release Wednesday | November 2017

Intrepid blogger and cosplayer Patrick Strange interviewed me recently!

You can click here to watch the video. I’m at the 14:30 mark.

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Comicsverse | June 2017
Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 7.44.02 PM

ComicsVerse does a pretty good review of Senturies #1. Great feedback from Mara Danoff!

First Comics News | June 2017
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Also got some love from First Comics News, Jazma and The Comics Experience Blog.

Bleeding Cool | March 2017
Bleeding Cool ran an interview with Fabrice Sapolsky, creator of Intertwined, which I did some guest writing on. Click here to read the piece.

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Pop Culture Uncovered | September 2016

I met the nice folks over at Pop Culture Uncovered at Baltimore Comic Con and got interviewed on my views on Diversity in Comics. You can read the review at

Comics Experience | June 2016
The Comics Experience Podcast did a whole segment on my submitted question “Do We Still Need Publishers?” I got some nice mentions too! Big thanks to Andy Schmidt and Joey Groah!
Listen to the Podcast!


Creators of Written Sins | June 2016
A reposting of my blog piece on Tips Towards Being A Comic Creator


Tokyo Pop | June 2016
A cute little spotlight on Scifies Greatest Hits on the mobile platform Pop Comics!


Sugar Cayne | November 2015
Got invited to the Urban Action Showcase in Times Square. It was actually more of a Martial Arts convention than a comic book one. The testosterone levels were dialed up pretty high compared to a room full of comic book geeks.
Check out the full article!

CuppaCafe | October 2015
A book signing announcement and a quick and completely biased review of Scifies Greatest Hits by Robert J. Sodaro

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Chaos Generation | September 2014
While at the Baltimore Comic Con, Gil Vary (No relation) came by and asked me to talk about Scifies. Gil is a great advocator of indie comics and I thank him for helping me spread the word!

System Eight | November 2014
This was during the New York Comic Con right after my heart bypass surgery. Be warned, I show off my scars!

The Examiner | December 2014
A Nice Write up in The Examiner by Robert J. Sodaro.

Indie Comic Source | June 2015
A nice little “Creator Spotlight” from JayDee Rosario at…

Sci-Fi Saturday Night | December 2014
A fun audio interview with the very awesome folks at Sci-fi Saturday Night

Comics Experience | December 2014
A great write-up about the anthology “Out of the Blue-A Collection of Strange Stories” from Stache Publishing.


Comics New Insider | November 2014
A super cool mention as one of Jimmy Aquino’s Top Three Picks for Comic News Insider!

The FilAm | October 2014
An article about comic book artists and their health


Nerd Church | October 2014
Some nice compliments about Scifies from the folks at Nerd Church

The FilAm | May 2014
Another write-up from The FilAm By Christian DC Pastor.

The Filipino Express | May 2014
Big thanks to Sonny Austria at the Filipino Express for my very first write-up!