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The Professional(s)

Under orders from the mayor, and with the help of a few fellow ex-SEALS, an NYPD captain creates a “Superhero Crimefighter” to serve justice and give hope to a hopeless city. But he’ll find that playing superhero is easy. But playing politics? Now that’s deadly.

A study on the emotional, logistical and political realities of superhero crime-fighting. Captain Douglas Moreno Kinkaid must lead a team of former SEALS in creating the illusion of one superhero crimefighter while navigating the minefield of city and police department politics. Tensions rise and morale sinks as stress, mishaps and dirty politics undermine his efforts to make a difference.

Story by Ramon Gil, Illustrated by Lui Antonio, Colors by Macarena Cortes









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Scifies_cover_3_SMALLScifies #3
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“Just when you thought every good sci-fi story has already been written, Ramon Gil proves that wrong with his amazing series ‘Scifies’!”

– Matt Herring, Secret Identity Podcast

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