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Test pilot Alex Ozuka discovers her father may have survived the doomed Challenger space shuttle and history may not be what we think.

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Written by Ramon Gil. Art by Ian Waryanto. Colors by Macareña Cortes. Cover by Mikiko Ponczeck and Kevin Stone. Edited by Marta Tanrikulu.

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Senturies1_OP_v1_Layout 1_Page_04Senturies1_OP_v1_Layout 1_Page_05Senturies1_OP_v1_Layout 1_Page_06Senturies1_OP_v1_Layout 1_Page_07Senturies1_OP_v1_Layout 1_Page_08Senturies1_OP_v1_Layout 1_Page_09Senturies1_OP_v1_Layout 1_Page_10

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