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Your Secret Super Power

34118833_10156176758586147_5241789421904199680_oA workshop that I’ve been doing at Comic Cons this season is called “Make Comics, Not Excuses!” An experiential lesson on motivation. The motivation to get off our duffs and get moving with that comic book or dream project we’ve been procrastinating on. More often than not, when things don’t work out for us or we’re behind on our goals, we blame our circumstance or something or someone else. “I don’t have the time.” “I’m broke.”  or “I can’t find an artist I can count on.” The problem with blame is that it doesn’t give you control. It doesn’t give you power. In fact, when we accept that other factors control what happens to us, we are making ourselves powerless.

So how do we make ourselves powerful? By accepting responsibility for everything in our lives. I’m not talking about blame. I’m talking about anticipation. If we were to take responsibility for as many factors as we can around us and anticipate and prepare for possible obstacles and set-backs, then we are being powerful. Then we can better guarantee the results we want. “Not enough time? Then maybe get one hour less sleep each night.” “Broke? Then drive an Uber part time.” “Can’t find a collaborator? Well then make your script so damn good that creators will be beating down your door.”

Plan ahead, anticipate, take control! Sure you can’t control everything, so control what you can to insure success. Shift from a powerless mindset and BE powerful!

Superman is a trademark of DC Comics. Art by me :)

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