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The Little KickStarter Than Could

hard_code_SMALLA Week-by-week account on the trials and tribulations of my latest Kickstarter campaign.

Despite this being my 4th Kickstarter and all the research and pre-promotion I had done, the campaign didn’t actually bust out of the gates like gangbusters. But it has been steadily chugging along. “I hope I can. I hope I can.”

After the first week I had around $600. This after posting about it in all the Facebook groups and sending out an email newsletter mentioning the campaign. So on the first weekend, I started sending FB messages to all my close friends and family. I had relied on personal relationships for my first Kickstarter and my dad strong armed a lot of family to support my first foray into a childhood dream. Everyone was happy to contribute to my goals and that was great! But I didn’t feel right in asking again. Requesting help for a life-goal is one thing. But asking people to pay you what basically is a salary I thought was too much. But I was a bit desperate to build momentum to “Kickstart” the process. To my amazement, friends and family where more than happy to pledge funds for another comic book project or rather “buy” another one of my books. It was a pleasant surprise and I am truly appreciative of all their love an support. Those personalized messages took us from $600 to $2000.  “I think I can. I think I can.”

von_eedenOne of the highlights of my project was the fact that I was able to get the legendary Trevor Von Eeden to do the art for the book. He was one of my favorite Batman artists of the 80s and I was hoping the favorite of many others as well. I asked him to do an interview that I could include as a Kickstarter reward and he responded to my 9 innocuous questions with 19 pages worth of answers. It was shocking! Aside from the regular career path anecdotes and inspirational advice were accounts of his love triangle between Lynn Varley and Frank Miller, his bout with Cancer and his ill-treatment from some folks at DC!

Realizing that this story was too important to keep to myself and a few Kickstarter supporters, I mentioned it to Comic Creators News publisher Mark Mazz over lunch. And he said “I’ll run it!” After a few hours on the phone with Trevor and some emails exchanges with Richard Johnston over at Bleeding Cool, they ran my interview and it’s since been picked up by The Beat, Outhousers, TripWire and possibly more! The Kickstarter shot up to $3K.  “I know I can. I know I can.”

With roughly $600 dollars to go and a little over a week left, the end of the tunnel is in sight. But best of all, Trevor gets some measure of credit and vindication. And I’m proud to have had a hand in it. I set out to do a Kickstarter to raise funds for a comic book project and ended up with helping an incredible artist and creator get his story out there.

If you’d like to help keep me and Trevor busy for the next couple of months, we hope you’ll buy a copy of The Hard Code 1 & 2.


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