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Neal Adams Speaks


In January, the legendary Neal Adams came to speak to our meetup group of aspiring comic book creators. He dropped a few gold nuggets of advice:

Do “Other” Freelance Work – When Neal was running Continuity studios, he regularly did work for companies outside of comic books like advertising agencies and corporations. He did this for several reasons. 1) It gave him additional income; 2) Most other industries paid better than comics; and 3) He was in a better position to negotiate higher rates with publishers if he could say “So and so is paying me this much.”

Use Reference – If it helps you draw better, do it. It’s not cheating. It’s what professionals do. Use photographs! Trace! Use a lightbox! If Drew Struzan and Norman Rockwell did it, why not you? Don’t know what something looks like? Google it!

Be Yourself – Don’t draw like me. Draw like you! the worst thing you can do is try to be someone you’re not. Besides, you can never be the best at it because somebody else already is. The only thing you can really be the best at is being you. So find your own style. Use your own voice. Tell your own stories!

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