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When he is not out searching Manhattan for the most authentic Mexican taco, Ramon likes to write and produce comic books for his many fans (2 if you don’t count his immediate family).

He got his first cartooning credit at the age of 10 and is still waiting to get paid for it. Despite being stiffed, he has been telling stories ever since. In some cases, for highly questionable reasons.

His favorite genres and themes are science fiction, espionage, government conspiracies and action/adventure with a healthy dose of humor and witty banter which he plagiarises from conversations with people who are way smarter and funnier than he is.

So far, he has ridden the coat tails of talents like Trevor Von Eeden, Fabrice Sapolsky, Janice Chiang, Rudy Nebres, Len Peralta, Roy Allan Martinez, Lui Antonio, Macareña Cortes and many more.

Here are some titles he is taking credit for:

  • Black Stories Matter (FIT, 2021)
  • Everybody Has A Hero (Benchmark, 2020)
  • GWAN 2: An Anthology of Immigrant Stories (Forward Comix, 2020)
  • Truer Than Trousdale, 2nd Edition (University of Southern California, 2020)
  • Justin and Daniel (StoryArk, 2019)
  • Roads (not) Traveled Anthology (Source Point Press, 2019)
  • Scifies: The 2019 Anthology (StoryArk, 2019)
  • Create, Destroy, Repeat Anthology (Pronto Comics, 2019)
  • GWAN: An Anthology of Immigrant Stories (Forward Comix, 2018)
  • The Comic Book Career Guide (Scifies, 2018)
  • Senturies #1 (Scifies, 2017)
  • Intertwined #5 (Dynamite, 2017)
  • The Men from DARPA #3 (Scifies, 2016)
  • The Hard Code #2 (Scifies, 2016)
  • Duo Anthology (8th Wonder Press, 2016)
  • Scifies Greatest Hits (Atlas Unleashed, 2016)
  • The Men from DARPA #2 (Scifies, 2015)
  • Truer Than Trousdale (University of Southern California, 2015)
  • Wonderfunders Anthology #2 (Indyplanet, 2015)
  • Scifies Anthology #4 (Scifes, 2015)
  • Asia World Magazine (Asia World Media, 2015)
  • Uncanny Tales (8th Wonder Press, 2015)
  • Scifies Anthology #3 (Scifes, 2015)
  • Indie Comics Magazine #8 (Aazurn Publishing, 2015)
  • The Men from DARPA #2 (Scifies, 2014)
  • Phrases-to-Pages (Pronto Comics, 2014)
  • Scifies Anthology #2 (Scifes, 2015)
  • Santa’s Favorite Tales (Vizyon Entertainment, 2014)
  • Out of the Blue – A Collection of Strange Stories (Stache Publishing, 2014)
  • Scifies Anthology #1 (Scifies, 2014)
  • Party Train (DRL Books, 2000)
  • Souvenir Program (San Diego Comic Con, 1994)
  • Souvenir Program (San Diego Comic Con, 1993)
  • Legends of NASCAR (Vortex Comics, 1993)
  • Upper Campus (The Daily Fortyniner, 1986-1989)
  • TV Times (1980)

When he is not making comics, he teaches at SUNY Old Westbury in Long Island and at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City where he organizes Diversity Comic Con. In 2017, he founded the Comic Arts Workshop, an online school for aspiring graphic novelists. Ramon is also the Comics & Graphic Novel Teaching Artist at New Design High School in the Lower East Side. You can view more of his illustration work on Deviant Art and his design work at CarbonMade.