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October 2016

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The Digit Debacle

Earth has finally made contact with an intelligent alien race. But the question of who’s more intelligent, especially when it comes to math, becomes an issue that threatens the peace. Inspired by an exercise back in college when, as an art major, I was forced into a class called “Liberal Arts Math” I kid you not! Words by Ramon Gil, Art by Lui Antonio, Colors by Kevin Stone   Did you figure out where the miscommunication was? Read This And More in Scifies #1 FREE! Scifies #1 1 cup Science Fiction,1 cup espionage, half cup of superheroes, and a dash of romance. Top…

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Do It For Love, Of Comics.

In a recent Comics Experience webinar,  Brian Michael Bendis started off the conversation with this little nugget. “If you can remove money from the equation or desire for fame, it gets a lot easier.” I’ve thought about this a lot and actually came up with a list (I love lists!) of reasons that makes it easier to do it for the pure love of comics. Here are TEN amazing things that happen when you do what Brian suggests: You can focus on making the stories YOU want to tell and not stories for other companies or what ever’s popular. You…