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August 2016

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Never Give Up!

For those of you who are feeling dejected over not getting into the DC Comics Talent Workshop, keep at it! Here are two letters I got from Tom DeFalco. One was a rejection letter. The other was the introduction for my first trade paperback. And it only took 24 years!

The Blog

A New Distribution System

Dear fellow creators, I am working on a possible new distribution system that would benefit self-publishers. But I need your help in figuring out some of the factors. If you could, kindly fill out the simple 5 questions below. Thank you!

The Blog

The Little KickStarter Than Could

A Week-by-week account on the trials and tribulations of my latest Kickstarter campaign. Despite this being my 4th Kickstarter and all the research and pre-promotion I had done, the campaign didn’t actually bust out of the gates like gangbusters. But it has been steadily chugging along. “I hope I can. I hope I can.”

Comics Work

The Professional(s)

Under orders from the mayor, and with the help of a few fellow ex-SEALS, an NYPD captain creates a “Superhero Crimefighter” to serve justice and give hope to a hopeless city. But he’ll find that playing superhero is easy. But playing politics? Now that’s deadly. A study on the emotional, logistical and political realities of superhero crime-fighting. Captain Douglas Moreno Kinkaid must lead a team of former SEALS in creating the illusion of one superhero crimefighter while navigating the minefield of city and police department politics. Tensions rise and morale sinks as stress, mishaps and dirty politics undermine his efforts…