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June 2016

Comics Work

The Men from DARPA

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold! Akward, bookish, nerdy, geekish. These are the men from the United States Department of Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). They are brilliant in the lab but utterly inept in the field of espionage. In this issue, the boys must rescue and old colleague who may hold the key to limitless power. He has been kidnapped by members of a secret shadow government out to murder all world leaders including the President himself! Written by Ramon Gil. Art by Cee Raymond. Colors by Macarena Cortes. Edited by Marta Tanrikulu         Read…

Comics Work

Hostile Takeover

This is a story adapted from my business blog and beautifully illustrated by the super talented Bill Walko, creator of The Hero Biz! A tale about how Steve Jobs and Apple Computers will take over the world!   Read This And More in Scifies Greatest Hits! Scifies Greatest Hits Featuring 72 action-packed pages of the best stories from 2014-2015 with a special introduction by Robert J Sodaro and foreword by Tom DeFalco. Cover by Ramon Gil. Published by Atlas Unleashed. • Print copy • Amazon Kindle • Download a PDF • And at these fine comic book shops   “Scifies is…