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May 2016

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To The Batcave!

I’ve seen the ’66 Batmobile lots of times. Once at Cerritos Mall as a teenager and a few times at various comic cons. But at Hudson Valley Comic Con, I had the good fortune of tabling next to Jane Haslam, cosplay photographer extraordinaire!

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2016 Comic Website Rankings

Here’s an updated list of comics-related websites. I first researched these rankings a year ago partly out of curiosity but also because I was trying to figure out what the best sites were to post my comic book work. Some of them really are apples and oranges, and not all of them are exclusively “comic book” sites, but I think the information is useful none-the-less. I also threw in Marvel, DC and Image purely as points of reference.

Comics Work

The Hard Code

Did you ever have a best friend you were secretly in love with? Now imagine you’re both cops, war is about to break out and one of you is an android! NYPD Detectives Drake and Garcia must figure out why android citizens are losing their “Hard Code” which have kept them subservient to humans for a hundred years. Written by Ramon Gil. Art by Trevor Von Eeden. Color by Macarena Cortes. “The Hard Code is an exciting sci-fi crime story with a well thought out and developed plot, which pulls you in from the first word balloon. The smart and…

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My latest sci-fi tale is halfway through production and will be out soon! The daughter of a Space Shuttle Challenger astronaut uncovers a secret alien armada protecting the earth. Weaving science fiction with historical events, Senturies touches on everything from the Shuttle disasters, the Iraqi War, Ronald Reagan and more! Art by Ian Waryanto, Colors by Macarena Cortes, Story by me!

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The Nuts & Bolts of Making Comics

Whether you’re a seasoned indie comic creator or an aspiring one, there’s something you can probably take away from my traveling workshop “The Nuts & Bolts of Making Comics!” The seminar covers everything from getting started, funding your comic, collaborating, marketing and more! Here are the dates and locations for this workshop: AlbaCon Albany, NY – March 4, 2016 Hudson Valley Comic Con Poughkeepsie, NY – May 8, 2016 Eternal Con Garden City, NY – June 11, 2016 More dates to come!