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November 2015

News & Reviews

Sugar Cayne

Got invited to the Urban Action Showcase in Times Square. It was actually more of a Martial Arts convention than a comic book one. The testosterone levels were dialed up pretty high compared to a room full of comic book geeks. Check out the full article!

Film Work

Inside Man (2012)

Inside Man (2012) is about a guy who thinks he can get the girl if only he was a different race and “size.” Filmed as part of a 72 hour Film Shootout, we had to write, shoot, edit and score the film in just three days. Warning: Nude director’s cameo at the end. See production photos here.

The Blog

A Little KickStarter Experiment

Back in the 90s before digital and print-on-demand, my friend and classmate Mark Okui, creator of BILLY COLE, told me “Publishing your own comics was like a heroine addiction. You just work and work to make enough money to print your next issue.”

The Blog

How Networking on Facebook Helps

I’ve heard Facebook described as a total time-suck and it can be. But my friend and master letterer Janice Chiang has described it as a life-line that helps her stay connected with other creators who otherwise would be working alone. I’ve always believed that Facebook was a great way to network and build relationships and here’s the story of how it got me my first paying gig as the cartoonist for TRUER THAN TROUSDALE at the University of Southern California (USC). Back in the early 90s, I used to write and draw a comic strip about life as a freshman student at…