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How I Reignited My Passion

6a00e55094a9db883301a73dcc54d4970dLet’s face it. Sometimes things get old. As much as I love doing graphic design for my clients, I felt like I needed something “fresh” in my life. Last year, my business coach, June Choi, suggested I do something in comic books which was my first love and career when I first came to New York City. Well I thought she was crazy but as the days went by, I realized how much I enjoy telling (and drawing) stories and that little spark  that June ignited in me grew into a full-fledged bonfire.

Within weeks, I started planning, writing and networking to find the resources I would need to publish my own comic book. Utilizing everything I’ve learned in design, marketing and business over the past 20 years is serving me well in getting this project realized. What I realized and wish I knew then was that, as in any industry, it’s all about relationships!

I haven’t felt this passionate and excited about something in a long long time. But the most interesting thing is that this passion has somehow reinvigorated the other aspects of my life. My graphic design business has been seeing a windfall and my family life has been awesome. (And the kids have been super excited to go to all these comic book conventions with me.)

I always knew that when one is creatively blocked, one of the best remedies is to do something in a completely different medium. And I also was aware of the saying “Do what you love and the money will follow.”  But what’s happening to me now are incredible examples of these two ideas.

So I guess the message is – Find Your Passion! Even if you have to do it outside of regular work, it’s worth it.

For more information about my comic book project, go to I’m doing a Kickstarter campaign to help fund it and could use all the support I can get. Thanks!

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