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I Got Intertwined!

IntertwinedIn February, I officially got my first byline on a book from one of the top ten publishers. Spider-man Noir creator Fabrice Saplosky asked me to write a few pages of backstory for his kung fu noir book Intertwined being published by Dynamite.

Set in the early 70s, Intertwined is the story about a young martial artist from Hong Kong who arrives in New York City and must take up the elemental crime-fighting persona of his late uncle. The art work is insane as illustrator Fred Pham Chuong is himself a martial artist lending authenticity to all the fight scenes.

Fabrice has become a good friend since we met at Baltimore Con the year before he moved to New York from France and when he asked me to come up with a back-up story for his new book, I was happy to oblige. Little did I know he would incorporate it into the main narrative. Needless to say, I was pleased!

Intertwined #5 comes out in March, make sure your retailer orders using Diamond code #DEC161557.

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