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Jericheadshot2Jeric Acayen (Illustrator) has been drawing since he was a kid. He loved saturday morning cartoons and had always dreamt of drawing comic books and doing animation. Luckily for “Jecko,” those dreams have come true. For the past 10 years, he has been doing character designs, game art, storyboards, flash animations and book illustrations for various US based companies specifically in the eLearning industry. Jeric studied fine arts at Philippine Women’s University. Currently, Jeric is happily raising a family in the city of Makati, Philippines. Get to know him better at

luiLui Antonio (Illustrator) got his start drawing for the local comics industry in the Philippines while working at an international advertising agency. He kept at it, filling his nights and weekends with comic book work, and was eventually hired by Boom Studios to work on their Warhammer titles. Since then, he’s done work for Dark Horse Comics’ Dark Times series and Red Sonja, Terminator, Thulsa Doom and Warlord of Mars for Dynamite Entertainment. Aside from the comic books, Lui enjoys drawing sketch cards and still does work in advertising. See more of his work at

eyespopPaul Bonanno (Illustrator) has been a commercial artist most of his life specializing in TV storyboards for the past 15 years. He also enjoys working on comic books because they are so much fun and have the added advantage of being seen by a much larger audience. He has worked on The T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents for JC comics, several Elf Quest books (New Blood and Blood of Ten Chiefs) for Warp Graphics and Bryan Glass’s satire on Star Wars called Spandex Tights A Space Opera. See more of his work at and get tips on drawing at

janice-chiang_2Janice Chiang (Letter Artist) has been a professional comic book letterer for almost four decades, one of the few who was able to successfully make the transition from hand to digital lettering. Clients have included, Continuity Studios, Marvel Comics, Harvey Comics, DC Comics, First Comics, Acclaim Comics, Disney Comics, Disney Adventures, Dark Horse Comics, Random House/Del Rey, Tokyopop, Papercutz, Archie Comics, Kennedy and Wieden, Resolution Independent, Secret Anthologies Group, and John Carpenter’s Storm King Productions. Like her Facebook fan page at

claireClaire Connelly (Writer/Illustrator) is a cartoonist best known for her off-beat mini comics. She has a B.F.A in animation and illustration from Montclair State University. She is the writer and artist of Here: a Sci-fi Epic, the mini series Black Eyes, Down with the Ship: a collection of Comics, and the Long Year: a Collection of Comics. Connelly is also know as the artist on the series Animals written by Eric Grissom or The Unauthorized Biography of Winston Churchill: a Documentary written by Erica Schultz. She recently did a the cover to stache publishing collection Out of the Blue and a bunch of other covers. You can read over 400 pages of comics over on her site

gerardGerard Conte (Illustrator) graduated from The School of Visual Arts in 2009 with a concentration in Cartooning/Illustration. He has done work for 5Finity Productions, Smithsonian Channel and Gallery New World Stages. He is also working on a creator-owned comic ashcan which he plans on taking and marketing to various publishers. Gerard has been huge sci-fi fan since he was a child. When he’s not at the drawing board he enjoys spending time with friends, ice hockey and working on his ’89 Jeep Cherokee.

calisMacarena Cortes (Colorist), also known as Calis Chokoreto, is a graphic designer by profession, who after completing studies at the University of Antofagasta, Chile, discovered a passion for illustration. Calis has worked on various independent projects for the comic book and graphic novel industry and is always looking for new projects. Check out more of Calis’ work at

trevor-von-eedenTrevor Von Eeden (Illustrator) was discovered by DC Comics a the age of 17 where he was the first African-American artist to be given his own title. Along with Tony Isabella, Trevor created DC’s first black superhero, Black Lightning. Other titles he has worked on include Power Man & Iron Fist, Thriller, Black Canary, and Urth 4. Through the 80s, Von Eeden worked on various Batman stories after receiving much acclaim for his work on the 1982 Batman annual. In the late eighties he also did wonderful work on a four issue Green Arrow mini-series. Most recently, he has written, drawn and published The Original Johnson, an epic biography of boxer Jack Johnson. View his work at

brendan_hykesBrendan Hykes (Writer) is a comic creator living in Pittsburgh. He has been writing since childhood, and has always had a passion for comics. He is currently self-publishing his series, Anonymous Nancy, with artist Roy Stiffey, as well as continuing to produce other comics and short stories. He can be found at


roy_allanRoy Allan Martinez  (Illustrator) studied art at the Roman Catholic University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines where he worked on a home-grown horror comic called “Nightmare.” He later joined Whilce Portacio’s comics creation school and eventually did work for Wildstorm doing art on Loner & Hazard. Since then he has worked on Avalon Studios’ Aria, DC Comics’ Wonder Woman and Global Frequency. For Marvel, he drew Son of M and for Radical Comics he worked on Federal Vampire and Zombie AgencyWhen Roy isn’t drawing comics he plays drums. Inspired by Death and Grindcore, he has formed bands called Dietimy, Sabog Sintido and Giling Anne.

gilbert_montsantoGilbert Monsanto (Illustrator) started his career as a comic book writer/artist in the Philippines in the 90’s. He later became the chief instructor for Whilce Portacio’s comic creation school in Manila for three years. He pencilled Hellcop and Houdini: The Man from Beyond under Image Comics. He’s done other projects like the 50th Anniversary Trilogy of Darna (Mango Comics), Hands of the Dragon (Black Ink Comics), and some independent titles like Bayan Knights. He believes that creating comics is a way of life and not just a job. He continues to juggle different comics related art chores, from color flats, sketch cards and commissions, to support his family and his dreams. Gilbert is at

rudy_nebresRudy Nebres (Illustrator) studied fine arts in the Philippines and worked for the Philippine comics industry for such publishers like Bulaklak Publishing, ACE Publications, and Graphic Arts Service (GASI). Rudy came to the United State in the 1970s along with Nestor Redondo and Tony DeZuniga after being recruited by DC’s Joe Orlando and Carmine Infantino during a talent-scouting trip to the Philippines. Over the years Rudy has worked on titles like House of Mystery, Doctor Strange, Power Man and Iron Fist, Marvel Super Special, and John Carter, Warlord of Mars. Known for his lush, detailed inklines, Nebres’ most prolific period was in the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s, but he still does commissions.

jesseJesse Oberes (Editor/Writer) is a graphic designer/content writer. Jesse studied Art at Curtin School of Technology, Australia and dreamt of creating visual masterpieces for a living. She spends most of her time glued to her Mac working on graphics or DTP, research and content writing for clients or manically writing short bursts of inspiration for stories. Jesse was born in the Philippines and emigrated to San Francisco with her family at age 4, lived in New York and parts of Australia. She now resides in the United Kingdom. In her spare time, Jesse draws/paints, makes and sells jewelry, is an avid gardener, writes short stories, collects books and makes furniture or useful things out of salvaged wood. Her website is

len_peralta2Len Peralta (Illustrator) has a quirky, off-beat style that has become synonymous with geek music and culture. He is best known for his mutimedia art project Geek-A-Week, which is being turned into a CCG. Len’s work has appeared in Wired Magazine, CNN, The New Yorker and on NPR. He has also illustrated several books including There’s A Zombie In My Treehouse by John “Widgett” Robinson and Ken Plume, “Silly Rhymes for Belligerent Children” written by MST3K/Cinematic Titanic’s Trace Beaulieu and “Look” by Robert Bowling. He recently completed illustrating two Kickstarter-funded comics projects: a graphic novel written by RiffTrax member Bill Corbett entitled Super Powered Revenge Christmas and TenState, a comic book project with writer Tom Merritt. Len resides in Cleveland, Ohio with his wife, Nora, seven children and a gassy, mole and squirrel-killing Wheaten Terrier named Snoopy. Len can be reached at or on Twitter @lenperalta.

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Jan Marc “The Janimal” Quisumbing (Illustrator) is the creator of The Adventures of Pogi Boy and Big Brown Monkey, Lucha Bear, El Masked Oso de Justica, Time Shark, Vortex Man and Chemtrail Lad and a myriad of other superheores. Born in the Philippines, raised in New Jersey he now resides in Northern Arizona. He is a gradudate of the Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University where he majored in graphic design. His first break into comics was through Pronto Comics where he served as their West Coast Art Director. He currently serves as a member of the Northern Arizona Cartoonist Association as its Vice President, helping to promote comics and cartooning and art education in Northern Arizona. He can be reached at, Facebook “The Janimal Draws”, Instagram: thejanimaldraws and on Twitter @janimaltweets.

cee_raymond Cee Raymond (Writer/Illustrator) has a difficult time doing anything conventional. Found in the wreckage of a UFO somewhere outside of West Memphis, AR. Cee has spent most of his days trying to draw weird stuff for a living. He also loves Skittles and actively evades televised marketing. He is currently eating a dollar menu cheeseburger somewhere in San Antonio, Texas and pondering the theoretics of the Flintstones. How are you? Check out more of his work at

Portraits of Director Noel Shaw, Actor Bing ShawNoel Shaw (Editor) was born in Brooklyn, NY. After passing through the Bronx, Boston, Berkeley and Manila, he landed in the spicy part of Queens, where he writes and makes films. His poetry, short fiction and personal essays have been published in Engendering Visions (Asian Pacific American Journal); New Asia (The Portable Lower East Side); Jungle Planet (Manoa, A Pacific Journal of International Writing); the anthology Vestiges of War: The Philippine-American War and the Aftermath of an Imperial Dream, as well as other journals and magazines in the US and in the Philippines. He is a former editor of the Berkeley Fiction Review and Special Edition Press. Visit Noel at

Kevin StoneKevin M. Stone (Artist/Colorist) is a graduate of Pratt Institute, an art director and also a comic book artist. He has published the acclaimed comic book Old Soldiers, on which he wrote inked and colored the entire seven issue series. Kevin has also worked on other series such as New Olympus and Clock Puncher. Check his work out at


MT_avatarMarta Tanrikulu (Editor/Writer) enjoys comics stories in multiple genres. Her stories have appeared on the Verticalismi website, Indie Comics Magazine and Indie Comics Quarterly, and in anthologies from publishers including Red Stylo Media, GrayHaven, and Arcana. Find out more about her work at


216385_1026618432283_3064_nBill Walko (Illustrator) is a Connecticut based artist with a concentration in children’s properties, promotional advertising and comic book art.His unique animated style has been featured in national advertising campaigns, notably AriZona Beverage’s “SHAQ-Fu Punch” and at the Adobe National Trade Show. He’s served as both an artist and designer for Image Comics, TwoMorrows Publishing, IDW, and a number of independent comic publishers. Additionally, he’s brought his skills to various studios on both licensed properties and developing characters. Comic book fans also know him as the creator, writer, and artist of The Hero Business, a self-published comic that playfully pokes fun at superhero tropes. The strip has received accolades from Bleeding Cool,, Comic Book Resources and Comic News Insider, among others.

waryantoIan Waryanto (Artist) from Jakarta, Indonesia is known for his dynamic and unique style. He jumped into the local comic industry almost 7 years ago and has work for various publishers including Space Goat Publishing, Stone Arch Book and several Indie Publishers. For more of his art check out or