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What I Learned from Attending Three Comic-Cons in One Weekend

three_consThere were several Comic Conventions that were on this past weekend and I was crazy enough to attend three of them. Partly to network, partly to gather information but mostly to pass out the Preview Edition of my Scifies Anthology. I usually keep a record of things I learned so why not post it here.

“Build relationships with people who are your peers. You will get more opportunities and support from them than anyone else.” – Greg Pak, CodeMonkey

“If you don’t eat, drink, breath and dream comics, then don’t become a comic book creator. You have to be that serious about it. You gotta love it!” – Erica Schultz, M3

“Even if you have an anthology, put one image on your cover, the one that will have the most appeal. And try to come up with subjects that appeal to young people. They have more disposable income than old guys like us who have mortgages and kids.” – Mark Mazz, Atlas Unleashed

“Unless you’ve got a name, getting your creator-owned title published by a comic book company doesn’t mean you’ll see any money, at least in the beginning. They’re taking a chance on printing your book and will keep the profits up until a certain number of sales. After that number, THEN you make money. So you still have to hustle and promote if you want it to sell past that number.” – Andy Diggle, The Losers, HellBlazer

“A good way to make sure your print comic book sells is to publish it online as a webcomic and build a following first.”  – Ryan Dunlavay, Action Philosophers, Evil Twin Comics

“Even after you think you’ve reached a certain level, there is ALWAYS another level!” – Enrica Jang, Red Stylo Media

“If you’re going to publish online, why not take advantage of what the digital medium has to offer. Why post static pages when the medium itself is not static.” – Mark Waid, Thrillbent, Kingdom Come

“Twenty years ago, kids were exposed to comics through the “spinner racks” at the corner store. That was how we recruited readers. When the industry moved towards the direct market (Comic book specialty shops) we killed ourselves.” – Carl Potts, Alien Legion, Epic Comics

“It’s an illusion that in France people value comics. Sure they are everywhere, but at comic conventions, no one pays for anything. They expect you to give things away! In America, there is more respect for the comic book creator” – Fabrice Sapolksy

“If you want to build a following and promote yourself and your work, get on a panel discussion like this one!” – Amy Chu, Vertigo, Girls Night Out 

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