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The 2018 Creators Horoscope


A great way to ring in the new year 2018 is to check out what the stars have in store for your comic career:

You pride yourself on your independence, sometimes too much. Often perceived as cold and unemotional, the Aquarian nevertheless is always a fountain of ideas. The problem is ideas without action are like water. Not sure what that means but it sounds really Aquarian. Expect some recognition this year. Hopefully, nothing associated with the words “sexual” or “harassment.”

As an Aries, you are determined and naturally motivated, and it doesn’t take much convincing for you to chase after your dreams even if it involves yet another caped and masked superhero. You have a natural confidence that you like subtly reminding people about on social media. Avoid stalking established pros on Facebook during the winter solstice.

As a Taurus, your are stubborn and sometimes find it difficult to compromise with others especially when collaborating on a comic book. Which confuses people because you are also very supportive and dedicated to your friends. But beware of creators asking for your participation in exchange for “exposure.”

You are loving and affectionate which sometimes really freaks out people you’ve just met at a comic con. But you can also be indecisive so if you’re still wondering if becoming a comic book creator is the right path to choose, get over it! It’s not. It’s the insane path to choose! But that’s not a reason to not do it.  Avoid new relationships this summer with cosplayers named Guntér.

While you’re very empathic and connect really well with people, you yourself often feel insecure and don’t feel worthy unless you get enough likes on Instagram. Enough pandering for affirmation and focus on cranking out some pages. If you don’t want to feel even more insecure, avoid doing store signings that aren’t on Wednesdays or weekends.

The lion is the natural leader. You always stand out in a crowd and command the room. And you probably just got a satisfying thrill from reading all that since you believe it’s true. If you have another brilliant idea on how to become a “uniting” force in indy comics, make sure you check-in with the dozen other guys who are also uniting indy comic creators.

A natural hard worker, the Virgo is also the most critical of themselves and other’s work. Stop it already. Yes, you can draw or write better than some of the stuff you see coming out of the big two, but they have something you don’t. An editor willing to hire them! New projects to come in April but avoid those that involve nudity unless it’s with Heavy Metal magazine.

You are sociable and a happy person. You enjoy being around groups of people and now you’re going to too many comic cons even if you’re not making table. You also don’t don’t do well with standing up for yourself so avoid being alone in a hotel room with senior editors who’s last names begins with an “A” or “B.”

Fiercely devout, the Scorpio is a true friend which makes it confusing when you get jealous of your peers’ success. Nevertheless, you will lend your support as long as that person hasn’t crossed you. But please stop pledging to Kickstarters that are obviously going to fail just so you can look like you’re supportive on your KS profile.

The life of the party or the class clown, you enjoy amusing people and making them happy. You also like to talk a lot but don’t always DO a lot. It’s hard for you to be productive unless instant gratification is involved.  One of the big two will call you this year. What THEY WILL actually call you is another matter.

As a Pisces, you are intuitive. You know what you’re feeling at all times. The problem is that everyone knows what you’re feeling all the time too. So please just stop sharing about it on social media. Focus on peace and contentment even if a bunch of your friends have gotten their big breaks while you haven’t. Your patience will be rewarded…someday.

One of the more self-motivated and self-determined of the Zodiac signs, Capricorns get it done. But you’re always impatient with people who don’t which makes you come off as being a little hard to work with. Steer clear of fierce debates regarding the nature of Cyclop’s eye beams.

If you feel these predictions resonate with you and your life, please note that this is just for entertainment purposes so that you’ll keep reading my blog and that I just made it all up!


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