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Kickstarter Launches Despite Snags!

600_403048382On Wednesday, May 21, we officially launched our Kickstarter Campaign during the launch party at the Ugly Kitchen! And what an ordeal that was!

After weeks of phone tag with the venue, waiting for illustrators to submit work for the kickstarter page, and printing up marketing materials, I finally had all the pieces to launch! Or so I thought! Your Kickstarter account is not complete until your Amazon Payment account is set up and for that they need your letter of “employee ID number confirmation” from the IRS! (which I probably received way back in 2006 and God only knows where it is now).

So I called up the IRS on the DAY OF my launch party and luckily I was able to reach a human being. He was kind enough to fax it over and I faxed it to Amazon and called but they said it would take a few hours and my event was in 45 minutes! She said they would do their best and sure enough by the time I got to the Ugly Kitchen, my account was verified and I hit Submit on my Kickstarter Page.

10288758_10152424170936147_6767472585868834397_n-300x224The response was “Thank you for your Kickstarter submission, someone will get back to you in 3-5 business days.” Argghh!! Luckily, I had been networking like crazy at the comic cons and actually had met Kickstarter rep Jamie Tanner. Emailed him and he approved it within the hour! (Like I keep saying, it’s who you know!)

There was one more hurdle, I changed the URL redirect code using my iPhone so that all my website traffic would go to the Kickstarter page but it wouldn’t work!! After a half hour of proofing and comparing code, I found the offending quotation mark and viola…we were live!

The rest of the evening was great with friends and family coming out to eat and be supportive! Would appreciate all the help I can get! Thank you!

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