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My Latest Kickstart: Senturies

I just launched my newest crowdfunding project. A Kickstarter campaign for my “Historical Science Fiction” adventure…


Test pilot Alex Ozuka discovers her father may have survived the doomed Challenger space shuttle and history may not be what we think.

Currently seeking funding on kickstarter-logo

Written by Ramon Gil. Art by Ian Waryanto. Colors by Macareña Cortes. Cover by Mikiko Ponczeck and Kevin Stone. Edited by Marta Tanrikulu.

Senturies1_OP_v1_Layout 1_Page_03

Senturies1_OP_v1_Layout 1_Page_04Senturies1_OP_v1_Layout 1_Page_05Senturies1_OP_v1_Layout 1_Page_06Senturies1_OP_v1_Layout 1_Page_07Senturies1_OP_v1_Layout 1_Page_08Senturies1_OP_v1_Layout 1_Page_09Senturies1_OP_v1_Layout 1_Page_10

Support the KickStarter and read the rest of Senturies #1


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