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Meeting Whilce Portacio!

With Maria Paz Cabardo and Whilce Portacio at East Coast Comic Con.

I finally got to meet one of my idols, Whilce Portacio. He posted this pic on his Facebook page and captioned it “The Pinoy (entertainment) Mafia… stateside!!!!!”

This early in my career, I usually don’t make a lot of money when I table at a comic con. But that’s usually not the reason I go. I go primarily to meet people, the right people. I check to see who the featured guests are and which publishers will be there and make it a point to try to connect with them and give them samples of my work.

At East Coast Comic Con in New Jersey, I got to meet one of my all-time favorite idols, Whilce Portacio. I admire him not just because he is a great artist, or he’s a Filipino, or he’s an Image founder or even because he’s a fellow diabetic. I have the utmost respect for him because he tries to help out artists in the Philippines. He has helped many “Pinoy” comic artists like Leinil Francis Yu, Mico Suayan and Gener Pedrina as well as some Scifies contributors like Gilbert Monsanto, Lui Antonio and Roy Allan Martinez.

Whilce and I talked at length about the potential of Filipino talent to produce stories and content worthy of the international stage. And not just in comics but movies as well. I was honored that he shared some of his ideas to that end. I’ve already been making it a point to help elevate Filipino talent by using them in my own books but talking to Whilce was truly invigorating. I had a great time!

Thanks Whilce, for being an inspiration and for leading the way!

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