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Look Who’s Reading Scifies!

A few months ago, I posted a blog entry that featured Rowan Atkinson reading a copy of Scifies #1. Since then, I’ve gotten a few critics claiming that Atkinson wasn’t actually reading my comic book and that I had just photoshopped it. Needless to say, I am both shocked and offended. The fact is, major celebrities have been reading my books for years now. And to prove it, here are a few photos sent in by some of our more famous (and infamous) readers and fans. And these are NOT photoshopped!



Snoop is one of our biggest fans.


The one and only John Travolta taking a break from his L.Ron Hubbard books


The President looking for his cameo in The Men from DARPA.


Kim Jong demanding to know where his cameo is.Kardasians_Mockup


The “Big Print” issue for the Kardashians, of course.


Some light reading for OJ Simpson who loves fiction.

Sarah Palin demonstrating she can read “pretty good.”


Proving once and for all, that Scifies is “Out of this world!”

I hope this settles this issue once and for all. And if not, I’ve got more!


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