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How Many, By When?

Hardly anyone came by to my first ever comic signing, but this was something I was willing to do, to promote my work.

Hardly anyone came by to my first ever comic store signing, but this was something I was willing to do, to promote my work.

Aside from creating comic books, the other thing I’ve always enjoyed doing is teaching. And one of the things I always like to impart on people is the importance of measurable “results.”

A few years ago, my wife dragged me to a workshop* that forced me to re-examine my emotional hang-ups, crystalize my true dreams   and taught me the right kind of attitude to get real results. As a consequence, my wife started her own successful business and I am now giving comics another shot.

There was a lot to learn over this 4-day workshop but the most important lesson I can pass on to fellow creators is this – When you set goals, make them measurable. How many, by when?

We all know guys who keep talking about this superhero they created or that story they’ve written. But very few of them actually are able to produce a tangible comic book. Sure, there are money issues or time issues and other such considerations. But in the end, these are all excuses. Because if you really want to, you CAN stay up an extra 2-3 hours a night to work on your stories. You CAN find some extra work or set aside some funds to pay for an artist. You CAN watch YouTube videos that will teach you how to color, letter, do graphics, you name it! It’s really just a question of how badly do you want it? And what are you willing to give up in order to get what you want?

And what really helps is setting tangible goals for yourself that are measured by “How many and by when?”

By Tomorrow I will have three pages pencilled.
By Wednesday, I will have 22 script pages written.
By  February 1st, I will have sent out 10 submissions.

And don’t make it easy on yourself. Make it hard. Challenge yourself. Force yourself to grow. Instead of five days, do it in four days or maybe even three. Invite greatness into yourself.

“Comic book creators, by their nature are more creative than practical. More artistic than business-minded. More imaginative than organized.” These are all bullshit excuses not to grow or stretch yourself. If this is what you really want, then how far are you willing go to make it happen?

If you’re perfectly happy drawing your character over and over again or talking about your story that would make a great movie someday, then fine. But know that nobody else is going make your dreams come true except you. If you really want to be a comic book creator, then create! How many, by when?

*The motivational workshop we attended is called Momentum Education.

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