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Do It For Love, Of Comics.

Comics Experience founder Andy Schmidt and guest speaker Brian Michael Bendis.

Comics Experience founder Andy Schmidt and guest speaker Brian Michael Bendis.

In a recent Comics Experience webinar,  Brian Michael Bendis started off the conversation with this little nugget. “If you can remove money from the equation or desire for fame, it gets a lot easier.”

I’ve thought about this a lot and actually came up with a list (I love lists!) of reasons that makes it easier to do it for the pure love of comics.

Here are TEN amazing things that happen when you do what Brian suggests:

  1. You can focus on making the stories YOU want to tell and not stories for other companies or what ever’s popular.
  2. You can separate your work from your self-image and self-worth and stop seeking affirmation from others.
  3. Working on your own stories means you can set your own deadlines and can better control your work/life balance.
  4. You can be more choosy about what activities are really worth your time and money (Comic cons, store-signings, blogging, etc.)
  5. If you just want people to read your stories, you can post them online and avoid the high cost of printing and distribution.
  6. You can stop worrying about who’s hanging out with who and whether or not you got invited to this con or that panel.
  7. Your only competition becomes yourself. Are you better today than you were yesterday?
  8. It opens you up to the possibility of making a living in other ways that may actually make it easier for you to support your comics work (and maybe your family too.)
  9. You can choose to build relationships with other creators you actually like instead of the ones who you think will help you “break-in.”
  10. You get to define “success” not based on what publisher you’re with, what your page rate is or what title you’re working on, but on what truly makes you happy about making comics.
Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t worry about making sales, building an audience or networking within the industry, because you can. All I’m saying is that when you make comics for the love of it, you can choose not to.

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