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Boston Comic Con was a Great Learning Experience!

boston_conI did an Artist Alley table for the first time and it was quite an experience. Met a lot of great folks and learned a lot of things from some really cool creators!

Anthony Del Col, Kill Shakespeare – Leverage all your skills when you’re pitching your comic. If you can do marketing, say so!

Bob Salley, The Salvagers – If it’s more important that you let people know about your comic than for you to make $2.99 off each issue, then give it away.

Tim Seeley, Mike Norton, Nick Pitarra, Ming Doyle (Image Panel) – After we got our deals with Image Comics, having to promote and market our books is the part we hate the most!!

Also chatted with Stan Sakai, Usagi Yojimbo, Neal Adams, Continuity Studios, Mark Waid, Thrillbent, Danielle Corsetto, Girls with Slingshots, Tak Toyoshima, Secret Asian Man, Bill Walko, The Hero Business and last but not least, my mentor, Amy Chu, Vertigo.


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