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Are You A Professional Comic Book Creator?

Ever experience self-doubt about being a pro or not? Go through this bucket list and find out!
  • Have you contributed to an anthology?
  • Do you self-publish a creator-owned book?
  • Have you been asked to autograph your book?
  • Have you done a Kickstarter?
  • Have you gotten a good review on your book?
  • Have you been in the Diamond Previews Catalog?
  • Have you been published by an Indie Publisher?
  • Have you ever made money through Comics?
  • Been invited as a guest at a Comic Con?
  • Has someone cosplayed as your character?
  • Have you attended San Diego Comic Con?
  • Ever been part of a Panel Discussion?
  • Been interviewed on a Blog or Podcast?
  • Ever worked with one of your Creator Idols?
  • Ever worked for one of the Big Two?
  • Gotten offered a movie deal?
Count the number of “yes” answers to these questions and if you got at least ONE or more, you ARE a professional comic book creator! To hell with anyone who says you aren’t.

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