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A Little KickStarter Experiment

Back in the 90s before digital and print-on-demand, my friend and classmate Mark Okui, creator of BILLY COLE, told me “Publishing your own comics was like a heroine addiction. You just work and work to make enough money to print your next issue.”

But now we have Kickstarter, and I’m trying to see if it’s possible to fund the production of an anthology with a few up-and-coming creators getting paid a little on the front end AND the back end.

Here’s our Kickstarter for SCIFIES #4 which could certainly use a little help. My mistake was launching it on the first day of New York Comic Con when we were all too busy and too tired afterwards to really promote it. With only three days left, we’ll see if we can raise the $800+ to make this experiment work. After all, we would love to have more of them with more creators!

Hope you can support us by pledging here.

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