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There are many ways to get your fill of Ramon Gil and SCIFIES. Buy it for Amazon Kindle, download a PDF, Order a print copy or Read it on Comixology. Just choose below! “Ramon Gil is a writer who treasures his craft.” – Tom DeFalco, Writer/Editor The Hard Code #1 Ever have a hot best friend that you were secretly in love with? Now imagine you’re both cops, all hell is breaking loose and one of you is an android! Written by Ramon Gil. Art by Trevor Von Eeden. Colors by Macarena Cortes. • Free Preview • Print Copy •…

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Press Rankings

If you like to send press releases or other correspondence to the comic book press industry (and you should), it’s good to know what kind of traffic their websites get compared to each other. Once a year, I like to check to see how they’re doing. Here’s what I came up with.


Serial Kickstarters

It’s no secret that the comic book projects that seem to do best on Kickstarter are the ones with creators who already have big names or properties that have been building up huge followings for years. But what about the part-time creator who doesn’t have the brand equity that these other Kickstarter giants do? Is Kickstater a viable way to fund, produce and distribute a regularly produced comic book? I wanted to find out so I cornered a few guys who were putting out KS books on a regular basis. Their answers were quite insightful.

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A 71-year old DC Ad

While spending an anniversary weekend at the old Laingdon Hotel in Ocean Grove/Asbury Park, NJ,  I found a bound book of New York Times newspapers from the 40s. While going through the huge volume, I came across this ad from National Comics, now known as DC comics, dated July 19, 1946. Exactly 71 years ago. It’s quite eerie how the issues that plagued the industry then so mirror what we are experiencing today. I have posted details of the ad so you can read it in full.     

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Meeting Legends

The month of July had quite the auspicious start. While attending Eternal Con in Long Island, NY, I got to share a breakfast table with actor Edward James Olmos of Battlestar Galactica, The West Wing, Bladerunner and Stand and Deliver fame. Big thanks to Mark Mazz of Atlas Unleashed who hosted breakfast!

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Comics for Passion Not Profit

There has been a lot of talk recently (again) about the lack of income in having a career in comics. The problem is that many creators think of making comics as a business, when it’s really an art form. Yes, art can be a business but I’m not talking so much about the monetizing of it as much as I’m talking about the reasons for doing it. I’d like to suggest that we treat comics, not as a for-profit business but as a non-profit business. When you’ve stopped laughing, let me explain the difference.


Elliot S. Maggin

The very first prose novel I ever read was Superman: Last Son of Krypton by Elliot S. Maggin. Years later while I was trying to make it as a comic book artist, a good friend was going to introduce us. But the industry tanked before that could happen and I went off and did advertising for 20 years. Then Facebook happened, I friended him and eventually mustered up the guts to ask him for an interview. I had a ton of questions about his recent re-release of his book Miracle Monday, his political aspirations, his years at DC Comics and how…

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Are You A Professional Comic Book Creator?

Ever experience self-doubt about being a pro or not? Go through this bucket list and find out! Have you contributed to an anthology? Do you self-publish a creator-owned book? Have you been asked to autograph your book? Have you done a Kickstarter? Have you gotten a good review on your book? Have you been in the Diamond Previews Catalog? Have you been published by an Indie Publisher? Have you ever made money through Comics? Been invited as a guest at a Comic Con? Has someone cosplayed as your character? Have you attended San Diego Comic Con? Ever been part of…

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Test pilot Alex Ozuka discovers her father may have survived the doomed Challenger space shuttle and history may not be what we think. Currently seeking funding on  Written by Ramon Gil. Art by Ian Waryanto. Colors by Macareña Cortes. Cover by Mikiko Ponczeck and Kevin Stone. Edited by Marta Tanrikulu. Support the KickStarter and read the rest of Senturies #1

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In Pursuit of Happiness.

By our nature, artists and writers are crazy or at least a bit neurotic. Since joining a bunch of comic book related groups on Facebook, I’ve been guilty of posting things about my work in hopes of likes and shares. Whether it was artwork, reviews, or just innocuous questions about comics, it was like I was addicted to affirmation from my fellow comic book creators. It got so bad that I was spending too much time on Facebook and not enough time actually creating. Luckily, I realized that being a comic book creator isn’t all that I am. I am…