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April 2019


My Stories

A Brief Conversation In Time A Preview of a short story for an upcoming anthology from Comics Experience. What happens when the smartest person on the planet figures out how to actually communicate with the planet? Art by Jan Marc Quisumbing. Read   Senturies A historical science fiction tale that has been knocking around my noggin for a few years now. Air Force test pilot Alexes Ozuka stumbles across a NASA conspiracy, her long lost astronaut father and a secret alien armada in space. Illustrated by Ian Waryanto. Read   Race Encounters Of The Third Kind A prodigal son returns…

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The Truth Behind This Photo

As some of you may have seen before, this picture (by Jane Haslam) of me in the original 1966 Batcave accompanies my online bio. But there have been some folks who have accused me of posting a doctored photo which I have taken great offense to. The truth is, I have been friends with various superheroes for decades and today April 1, 2019, I present these additional pictures as proof of my past associations with certain famous crimefighters. I hope this settles one and for all any doubts as to my true place in pop culture history.