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June 2017

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Comics for Passion Not Profit

There has been a lot of talk recently (again) about the lack of income in having a career in comics. The problem is that many creators think of making comics as a business, when it’s really an art form. Yes, art can be a business but I’m not talking so much about the monetizing of it as much as I’m talking about the reasons for doing it. I’d like to suggest that we treat comics, not as a for-profit business but as a non-profit business. When you’ve stopped laughing, let me explain the difference.


Elliot S. Maggin

The very first prose novel I ever read was Superman: Last Son of Krypton by Elliot S. Maggin. Years later while I was trying to make it as a comic book artist, a good friend was going to introduce us. But the industry tanked before that could happen and I went off and did advertising for 20 years. Then Facebook happened, I friended him and eventually mustered up the guts to ask him for an interview. I had a ton of questions about his recent re-release of his book Miracle Monday, his political aspirations, his years at DC Comics and how…

The Blog

Are You A Professional Comic Book Creator?

Ever experience self-doubt about being a pro or not? Go through this bucket list and find out! Have you contributed to an anthology? Do you self-publish a creator-owned book? Have you been asked to autograph your book? Have you done a Kickstarter? Have you gotten a good review on your book? Have you been in the Diamond Previews Catalog? Have you been published by an Indie Publisher? Have you ever made money through Comics? Been invited as a guest at a Comic Con? Has someone cosplayed as your character? Have you attended San Diego Comic Con? Ever been part of…