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September 2016

Comics Work

Race Encounters of the Third Kind

When the prodigal son returns to his parent’s home island, he discovers discrimination and death in the dark side of Philippine agriculture. Experienced by Ramon Gil. Reimagined by Len Peralta. Read This And More in Scifies #2 FREE! Scifies #2 This special sampler issue previews pages from other ongoing comic book titles from Ramon Gil. Includes the following stories: Senturies, The Men from DARPA, The Hard Code and Truer Than Trousdale. Get Your Free Digital Download Now! “It is an honest pleasure to find not only a science fiction title out there, but one produced by a writer who seems to understand that…


Trevor Von Eeden

While working on The Hard Code together, I got to interview one of my all-time favorite artists, Trevor Von Eeden. In it, he talks about how he got his start, his DC years and some great advice for aspiring creators. The piece was published on Comic Creator News and was also reported on by Bleeding Cool, The Comics Beat, The Comic Reporter, The OutHousers and more! Click here to read the complete interview.

The Blog

My Kickstarter Diary

I thought it might be of interest for some of you to read about my latest Kickstarter campaign recounting  the day-by-day progress, including all my research, assumptions and assets. FACT: I had already completed the first issue of THE HARD CODE last year and was finally able to muster the funds needed for the second issue earlier this year. Artist Trevor Von Eeden finished the pencils for 19 pages in less than three weeks. Lui Antonio inked issue #2 and Macarena Cortes did coloring chores. All I needed now was money to print them. RESEARCH: I went on Kickstarter and…