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July 2016

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Find Your Blue Ocean

There’s a book by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne called Blue Ocean Strategy. It’s not a comic book or a graphic novel. Heck, it’s not even fiction. What it is is a business book. “Ramon, why are you writing about a business book?” you may ask. Well, because if you’re trying to make money in comics, then it’s not just an art it’s a business! So what is the Blue Ocean Strategy? Basically the concept is that you want to start a business in a blue ocean versus a red ocean. In a red ocean, there’s lots of competition. A lot…

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The Squint

We’ve all done it. Look at a piece of art, a page, or a whole book and we turn our heads sideways and “squint,” sometimes metaphorically, until it looks good to us. We do this with our friend’s works and also with our own.

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My Immigrant Stories

I don’t really make a lot of noise about it since I’m trying to do this subtly, but one my missions in life is to raise the visibility of minorities in the media, especially Asian Americans. If you look closely at almost all my comic book work, you’ll find that they feature people of color as the lead characters. Contributing to the Gwan Anthology is an opportunity to further that mission.