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May 2015

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Don’t Just Read Comic Books!

If you want to be a professional comic book creator, it takes more than just talent and perseverance. It also takes “connections!” Like any other industry, who you know makes a world of difference. The problem for many creative types is that we tend not to be extroverts. Some of us are just downright socially inept. And that’s bad because the people who hire creators want to work with people they know, like and have chemistry with. And how do you achieve “chemistry” when networking? I’ll tell ya… While we all got into this because we LOVE reading comic books, as…

The Blog

After 20 Years, the Indie Scene Has Truly Changed

A year or so after I graduated Cal State Long Beach, I was hanging out with fellow art student Ted Seko. Ted had been doggedly self-publishing his own highly acclaimed indie title, Billy Cole. He told me “Ramon, self-publishing your own comic is like having a heroine addiction. All you do is work and work to get enough money for your next issue.” At the time, 1993, he was the only guy I knew who was self-publishing. Today, it seems like everyone is. I did my first in-store signing a few weeks ago at Carmine Street Comics in New York…