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April 2015

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Meeting Whilce Portacio!

With Maria Paz Cabardo and Whilce Portacio at East Coast Comic Con. I finally got to meet one of my idols, Whilce Portacio. He posted this pic on his Facebook page and captioned it “The Pinoy (entertainment) Mafia… stateside!!!!!” This early in my career, I usually don’t make a lot of money when I table at a comic con. But that’s usually not the reason I go. I go primarily to meet people, the right people. I check to see who the featured guests are and which publishers will be there and make it a point to try to connect…

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Full Circle

The comic book shop of my childhood in California, where I once was kicked out of, is now carrying Scifies! How did I get kicked out of a comic book shop, you ask? I picked up an unbagged New Teen Titans #1 with my bare hands while it was being appraised. I got yelled at and told to “Get out and to never come back!” I was so desperate for comics and that was the only shop within biking distance so I asked a friend to buy me my comics but he took my money and bought drugs instead. It…

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Web Comic Rankings

I’ve decided to put some of my comic stories online, but wanted to figure out which comic websites, or just online publishing sites, had the most traffic. So I went to and looked up the stats on various online comic publishing options. Here’s what I found: • Scribd – 415 • Issuu – 495 • Comixology – 10,615 • Smackjeeves – 20,826 • Tapastic – 22,477 • Comic Genesis – 137,837 • Comic Fury – 204,696 • Drunk Duck – 263,314 • Indy Planet – 708,664 • Comic dish – 960, 687 • Drivethru Comics – 1,845,542 • Freedable –…