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February 2015

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Finally Got Into Diamond!

It either took 20 years or six months, depending on how you look at it, but I finally got my name and work into the Previews catalog. The first six pages of my superhero / police / superhero / political story “The Professional(s)” is in Issue #9 of Indie Comics Monthly. Pick up your copy in the Spring! Big thanks to Gary Scott Beatty at Aazurn Publishing! About The Professional(s) Under orders from a corrupt mayor, and with the help of a few fellow ex-SEALS, an NYPD detective creates a “Superhero Crimefighter” to serve justice and give hope to a hopeless city. But he’ll find…


I Got Intertwined!

In February, I officially got my first byline on a book from one of the top ten publishers. Spider-man Noir creator Fabrice Saplosky asked me to write a few pages of backstory for his kung fu noir book Intertwined being published by Dynamite.

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Places for Freelancers to Work

This is a list I originally posted on my business blog but I figure, any creative freelancer who uses a laptop can use it too. If you ever want to get out of the apartment and be around other people, there are co-working spaces now available but they tend to run around $300 a month to use. Here are some interesting alternatives I’ve found: Parks & Recreation Centers and YMCA’s – In New York City, most of these facilities have a computer room. And in the earlier part of the day, before kids get out of school, these places are…

News & Reviews

Scifies Now In Store!

Aside from Amazon and Sellfy, you can now pick up your copy of Scifies at Carmine Street Comics in New York’s Greenwich Village. All three issues are available while supplies last! Copies of Scifies on the Shelf with Emilio Gil, creator of “The Bee” To see more stores that carry Scifies, click here.