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January 2015

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A Dream Come True!

I was too late to see the famous autographed wall but this was just as good! Big thanks to Director of Editorial Administration, Roger Rivera, I got to visit the famous DC Comics office in New York before their big move to Burbank CA. Got to see Dan Didio and a bunch of other DC staffers in action. Left some samples but no job offer though. Sigh…

Business Writing

Unusual Work Spaces

Happy New Year everyone! It’s 2015, and being an entrepreneur is more fun than ever! One of the reasons for that is because of computers and the internet. Many of us work from our laptops often from home. But sometimes, we just want to get out of the house and be around other people. Sometimes we go to Starbucks. Other times, the public library. And if you don’t mind spending some money,you can also join a co-working space. Though I do have an office in Midtown West, it’s often easier for me to find a place to work nearer to…

News & Reviews

The Professional(s) Get Into Indie Comics Magazine

My superhero/crime drama story “The Professional(s)” will be available to order from Diamond’s PREVIEWS Catalog in February as part of the next issue of Indie Comics Magazine! Big thanks to Gary Scott Beatty! Under orders from the mayor, and with the help of a few fellow ex-SEALS, an NYPD detective creates a superhero crime fighter to serve justice and give hope to a hopeless city but graft and corruption gets in the way. Our hero will find that playing superhero is easy. Playing politics? Now that’s deadly. Words by Ramon Gil, Art by Lui Antonio. Colors by Calis Chokoreto

The Blog

Using The Perception of Luxury To Promote Your Work

I was at a New Year’s party recently where I happened to have had the good fortune to strike up a conversation with the “Product Manager” of a major financial magazine. And after she described to me what her actual role was, I asked her if she had any ideas on how to sell comic books online? Though it’s easier than ever to distribute content, it is practically impossible to get people to pay for it. I told her that a common tactic was to build an audience first then sell them merchandize later. And that’s when she lit up…