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November 2014

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Careers in Comics Panel at Winter Con

Most everyone wants to either draw or write comics books. But there are many more capacities in which one may be involved in the industry. On December 6, at Winter Con, I moderated a panel where folks got to hear first hand from top industry professionals on ways to break in, what to break in as, and how to stay in! Special Guest Panelists Were: Nelson Faro DeCastro is a comic book artist known for his painted cover art, and his interior penciling, inking and coloring work. He is also a writer and teacher. Nelson’s career began in the early 1990s,…

News & Reviews

Digit Debacle is in Out of the Blue

I’m proud to have been included in this new anthology from Stache Publishing called “Out of the Blue – A Collection of Strange Stories”, put together by Marta Goodrich Tanrikulu, Anthonfy Mathenia and others. With a fabulous cover by Claire Connelly! The talent in this book is simply amazing! It will feature my story “The Digit Debacle” with art by Lui Antonio and colors by Kevin Stone. A tale about a first contact mission gone horribly wrong due to some bad math. All proceeds will be donated to a Children’s Literacy organization so please buy one for yourself and for…