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May 2014

The Blog

How I Spat on Tom DeFalco, Almost!

It was late 1993 and I was sitting alone at the San Diego Comic Con cafeteria after a round of portfolio reviews. Most of the feedback was positive. A few folks like Jim Shooter, Jim Salicrup and Joseph Naftali had even told me to call them when I moved to New York in a month so I was pretty excited. When all of sudden, Tom DeFalco, then Editor-in-Chief at Marvel Comics, comes up with a bunch of Marvel folks holding food trays in their hands. He asked “Mind if we share this table?” I was in the middle of sipping…

The Blog

Kickstarter Launches Despite Snags!

On Wednesday, May 21, we officially launched our Kickstarter Campaign during the launch party at the Ugly Kitchen! And what an ordeal that was! After weeks of phone tag with the venue, waiting for illustrators to submit work for the kickstarter page, and printing up marketing materials, I finally had all the pieces to launch! Or so I thought! Your Kickstarter account is not complete until your Amazon Payment account is set up and for that they need your letter of “employee ID number confirmation” from the IRS! (which I probably received way back in 2006 and God only knows…

Business Writing

How I Reignited My Passion

Let’s face it. Sometimes things get old. As much as I love doing graphic design for my clients, I felt like I needed something “fresh” in my life. Last year, my business coach, June Choi, suggested I do something in comic books which was my first love and career when I first came to New York City. Well I thought she was crazy but as the days went by, I realized how much I enjoy telling (and drawing) stories and that little spark  that June ignited in me grew into a full-fledged bonfire. Within weeks, I started planning, writing and…