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March 2014

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To The Batmobile!

As I embark on resurrecting my career as a Comic Book creator, I thought it would be a good idea to have a vision/mission statement to guide me and keep me focused. So here goes: To tell the stories that have been knocking about in my head and keeping me up at night all my life. To promote cultural diversity in the stories that I write and the people with whom I collaborate. To bring indy/alternative comics to the mainstream public (People who don’t usually read comics). What’s not mentioned, but I believe goes without saying, is to produce GREAT…

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Big Thanks to Pronto Comics!

As part of my journey to becoming a comic book professional, I’ve been making it a point to network with other comic book creators. I joined a really cool group of guys who self-publish under the name Pronto Comics. They held a competition a few weeks back called “Phrases-to-Pages” wherein they paired writers and artists then gave us 45 minutes to write and draw a one-page comic based on the announced theme (“War is Hell but Peace is Boring”). It was loads of fun and Jesse Pindus and I won first-prize! Here is our piece on display at Pronto’s first…

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After a 20 Years, I’m Almost There.

It was 1993. After years of dreaming and drawing, I had made the move to New York City to become a comic book artist. Luckily I got work as a penciller for Vortex Comics doing NASCAR autobiographies. It wasn’t DC or Marvel, but at least being a “professional” got me free passes to the comic book conventions. I was beginning to live the dream. What I didn’t realize was how much I would hate it. I was new to NYC and had no friends, and it took me 1-2 days to finish a comic book page (at $100 per page)….