Look Who's Reading SCIFIES!

A few months ago, I posted a blog entry that featured Rowan Atkinson reading a copy of Scifies #1. Since then, I've gotten a few critics claiming that Atkinson wasn't actually reading my comic book and that I had just photoshopped it. Needless to say, I am both shocked and offended. The fact is, major celebrities have been reading my books for years now. And to prove it, here are a few photos sent in by some of our more famous (and infamous) readers and fans. And these are NOT photoshopped! Snoop_Mockup   Snoop is one of our biggest fans.   Travolta_Mockup The one and only John Travolta taking a break from his L. Ron Hubbard books Obama_Mockup The President looking for his cameo in The Men from DARPA. Kim_Mockup Kim Jong demanding to know where his cameo is.Kardasians_Mockup Kardasians_Mockup2 The "Big Print" issue for the Kardashians, of course. Kardasians_MockupOJ_Mockup Some light reading for OJ Simpson who loves fiction. Sarah Palin demonstrating she can read "pretty good." ET_Mockup Proving once and for all, that Scifies is "Out of this world!"

I hope this settles this issue once and for all. And if not, I've got more!

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