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Welcome to a showcase of comic book stories I have written. These works are the product of collaborations with some wonderful talents like Trevor Von Eeden, Rudy Nebres, Roy Allan Martinez, Len Peralta and many more! My signature genres are science fiction, conspiracy theories and historical events with lots of witty dialogue and geek culture references thrown in. Thank you for visiting and reading and I hope you enjoy the ride!


ProfessionalsSee What This Former Navy SEAL Does To Fight Crime
THE PROFESSIONAL(s): Under orders from the mayor, and with the help of a few fellow ex-SEALS, an NYPD captain creates a “Superhero Crimefighter” to serve justice and give hope to a hopeless city. But he’ll find that playing superhero is easy. But playing politics? Now that’s deadly.

Story by Ramon Gil. Art by Lui Antonio.


Layout 1You Won’t Believe What These Students Are Doing!
TRUER THAN TROUSDALE: Three students, Natalie, Garrett and Miguel, face life issues and challenges during their first year at university. Part of a public service campaign to reach out to at-risk students at the University of Southern California.

Story and art by Ramon Gil


Hard_Code_thumbCop Has An Affair With Android Partner
THE HARD CODE: NYPD Detectives Drake and Garcia must figure out why androids are losing their “hard code” which has kept them subservient to humans for a hundred years before war breaks out between man and machines.

Story by Ramon Gil. Art by Trevor Von Eeden. Colors by Macarena Cortes


Men_from_DARPA_thumbConspiracy Tries To Squash Unlimited Energy Source
THE MEN FROM DARPA #2: Our intrepid government scientists must rescue an old colleague who may hold the key to limitless power that threatens all the world leaders including the President of the United States himself!

Story by Ramon Gil. Art by Cee Raymond. Colors by Macarena Cortes


hostile_takeoverHow Apple Computers Will Take Over The World!
HOSTILE TAKEOVER:  Adapted from a story I posted on my business blog a few years ago. A take on how Steve Jobs and Apple Computers plan to conquer humanity!

Story by Ramon Gil, Art by Bill Wako.


face-offHow FaceBook Is Bad For Your Social Life
FACEBOOK FACE-OFF: The Bee and Soraya, two super crimefighters compare Facebook lives while foiling a bank robbery. Soraya created by Jess Oberes and The Bee created by Emilio Villajuan-Gil!

Story by Ramon Gil, Illustrated by Roy Allan Martinez, Colors by Macarena Cortes.


Hairiest_rideThe Truth Behind Big Foot!
THE HAIRIEST RIDE: Did you ever wonder how a certain galaxy far, far away ties into our own? Well here’s a possible explanation to that question as well as some others about the mysteries of the Pacific Northwest.

Art by Derwin Roberson and colors by Macarena Cortés.


driving_stewartAging Starship Captain Goes On A Crazy Taxi Ride
DRIVING MISTER STEWART: See what happens when a New York City cab driver gives a ride to a balding former starship captain. And I don’t mean Shatner! A fantasy I came up with when I heard that Patrick Stewart had moved into Brooklyn.

Art by Len Peralta.


digit_debaclePlanets Go To War Over A Math Problem!
THE DIGIT DEBACLE: Earth has finally made contact with an intelligent alien race. But the question of who’s more intelligent, especially when it comes to math, becomes an issue that threatens the peace.

Art by Lui Antonio. Colors by Kevin Stone.

More to come…